Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The right to properly vet incoming immigrants.

I am astonished with how the left is angry about this. Why? It is for our safety and they are not being denied entry. I personally believe we have a responsibility to help those in need. That does not mean that I want them in my home if I don't know who they are. Helping is one thing, but allowing them in is another. At least, until we get to know them first.

Here is my challenge for all of those making complaints. Go out, find someone on the streets homeless and bring them into your house. I dare you! If you refuse, because you will, it will prove my point. You don't want strangers in your home, well neither do I! My country is also my home, thank you.

I also have problems with Arab states complaining about our policy. Why are they taking all of them in? After all, they are their own people! The audacity that another nation thinks they have the right to complain about our policies is laughable at best. Especially since these are refugees coming out of the Middle East, the very place where nations are complaining.

Besides, if ISIS is getting angry, then clearly Trump is doing the right thing. This means that ISIS is angry that they cannot get in.

I have only one article to suggest you read, but really, this one is a doozy. Wait until you see what Breitbart obtained regarding ISIS.

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