Sunday, January 29, 2017

Welcome and about me.

Hello and welcome to my politics blog. I have decided to separate my politics with that of my rambling blog. You see, I was raised that there were two things you didn't talk about with friends. One was religion and the other politics. People have very strong views of both and I thought that I'd dedicate a separate blog to discuss politics so if you don't like what I have to say, you can ignore it without having to sacrifice reading my rambling blog. Eventually (and that means I have no idea when) I plan to move all my political posts here from my other blog.
Now who am I? My name is Cindy and I'm an early-retired nurse of over 25 years. My experience is varied. My first official working job was for a Dialysis center in South Georgia. I then went to work for a skilled visiting nurse/home health agency, not to be confused with sitter agencies (for example, I'd see 7-10 patients per day). I then worked in OB/GYN/Neonatal and even the ER sometimes at one hospital, also in South Georgia. I moved to Alaska and did home health there, yet again. Then I moved back to Georgia, but lived in Atlanta this time and I was an administrator for a nursing agency. In this instance it was not a home health but instead a sitter agency. They sold the company and so I went to work at an Alzheimer's center and worked on the end of life unit. I then moved to Mobile, Alabama. I went to work for a plastic surgeon but the hours were killing me so I went back to home health, also in Mobile and then.... my career was over. I damaged my neck very badly and my back too. 

I damaged my back so bad that I could not get a work release. Then, out of nowhere my mother developed dementia overnight. I had to bring her down here. I've been caring for her for six years and last year she went on hospice. Now I have nurses coming out to see her, instead of me doing the job. It's a relief because my neck and back are ruined. In the meantime, my father died in October of 2015. My parents were divorced and so I was at a loss how to care for my mother and go up to Atlanta to see my father. 

I'm an only child on my mother's side, so I get no help at all, except for hospice which isn't very much. All I really get out of it is not having to take her to the doctor and an aide comes to bathe her 5 times per week. It really needs to be daily but whatever. 

I have two adult children. Both are self-admitted nerds. My daughter works for a veterinary hospital and my son works for a a delicious sandwich shop. Both have been to college but neither have graduated. My heart breaks over that. 

I've been married twice. My first marriage was 21 (really 25 years on paper because he refused a divorce until our youngest was an adult and he didn't want to pay child support) of plain misery. I did not realize what a terrible marriage it was, else I would have left a thousand years ago. I moved in with a wonderful man I'd known for sometime before I separated from my husband but we were just very close friends. That's how I landed in Mobile, Alabama. We were finally able to marry in 2011 and I've never been this happy in all my life. Yes, I'm a Christian and I lived with him but in my heart we were married. I believe God understood my predicament. 

I have two black dogs that I love dearly. My kids have had to move back home due to job problems and so with the daughter came two more dogs. My husband has been transferred back to California and has been living there for five years now too. 

Yes, my life is one big stress ball and then to add to that are liberals screaming that I'm racist, I'm anti-feminist and I'm intolerant, when in fact, it is the other way around. Which brings me to my beliefs....

I'm pro-life, I believe the big business provides jobs for America. I believe that the right to bear arms is a right that non-criminals should have and never be revoked. I believe in non-criminal carry and conceal without limitation. I believe we need a large military and a smaller government. I believe that Christ is my savior. I believe Israel has every right to defend itself. I believe that Hollywood is loaded with a bunch of rich people who think they are so important that they can tell us what to do with our money (even though they're many times being paid to tell us what to do with our money) and that they have truly lost their minds. I believe that most liberals (I know a few who I must say are genuinely nice people but there are only a very few) are insane, violent and definitely hypocritical. I believe the mainstream media is desperate and that they have no problem with themselves for printing lies and they too are loaded with hypocrisy, which I will demonstrate. I believe that Affirmative Action was a good idea at the time, but it's now abused and needs to be abolished. I believe illegal aliens should be deported and they need to jump through the same hoops that other non-continental citizens have to jump through to get into the United States. I believe that it is America's duty to allow refugees into this country so long as we can guarantee they are not terrorists.We must never forget the persecution that Jews went through during WWII and if we had helped them perhaps more would have survived and for this reason we are responsible for helping those being persecuted. 

Really though, I have a lot of beliefs. I could go on and on about them but that gives you an idea on how I think and who I am.   

In the end, I'm just another woman who has had problems and am trying to make it in God's world. I am not on government handouts even though I'm not working. We barely squeak by and right now my husband's job is hanging in the balance too since he's a contractor. It is expected that soon he'll have a little more permanency. 

So! I'd really like it if you wouldn't mind telling me about yourselves. If you do mind though, that's fine. No pressure.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy my writing!

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