Sunday, January 29, 2017

Liberal hypocrisy.

Calexit is very welcomed to a lot of us, but don't forget that there are conservatives living there too. My husband is one of them and a lot of our friends out there as well. In fact, I don't know a single liberal in California that I know of. They're all conservatives of varying types (Republicans, Libertarians, etc.).

However, I wanted to remind liberals about something that they seem to have forgotten. Let's read this little opine from Susan Milligan, a "senior writer" for US News. In the full article, she is talking about when Texas, Alabama and Florida wanted to secede as Obama took office. Then comes this part, I kid you not!
12 November 2012
From: "Let 'Em Secede"

We live in a country with diverse political opinions, as well as a diverse racial and ethnic makeup. It's logical that a number of people might be deeply disappointed that their candidate did not win. It is not logical to be so convinced that American civilization as we know it will dissolve that one would actually advocate dissolving the union itself. But hey, if things are that bad, take the advice of the candidate who came in second in the presidential contest. Just self-deport
Just self-deport? Really? She even calls it illogical to dissolve the union over losing the presidency. So what is she saying now? Is she saying that California is illogical for wanting to dissolve the union over losing the presidency? Of course not! Instead, she is attacking Trump calling him "dangerous" and labels pro-lifers as "anti-abortionists" and says that gay rights activists have no hope at all. Excuse me? Where does she get that?

I am so incensed that I am writing a letter to the editor. I'm going to point this very thing out to them and let us see if it gets published. My guess? It won't.

Unfortunately I wanted to paste here what I wrote but for some reason it didn't copy precisely and I hit submit before checking. Bad Cindy! I'm sorry I cannot share it with you.

Some of you may believe I'm wrong for picking only on Sue but how could I possibly address them all? Hers was at the top of the search list so I went with her.

I'll be looking at more of these in the coming days.

What do you think about the hypocrisy? Let me know in the comments!

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