Wednesday, April 19, 2017

... and the Bullshit Award goes to....

This whole United Airlines dragging incident has really been something. I totally support #BoycottUnited. Liberals tend to believe that conservatives want big business to always win. First, let me address that misconception.

Conservatives believe in getting people jobs. When a very large company folds, like an airline, that means a lot of people are going to be out of work. Taxpayers cannot afford to pay unemployment to thousands of extra people in one fell swoop. It affects local economies and so forth. Conservatives will usually prefer to spend money to keep a business afloat because it's cheaper than paying for unemployment for all those people. It's a simple thing to understand but liberals can't seem to figure out how a checkbook works.

Another misconception that liberals spread is that conservatives aren't interested in personal rights. Au contraire. In fact, we exceptionally support individual rights. What liberals don't seem to understand is that we believe all people are created equal. What we don't believe is in group rights. For example, we don't believe a group should have more rights over any individual. Let's take Affirmative Action, as our best example. We do not believe that a hispanic female should get a job with less qualification than a black female, or a white female or a hispanic male or a black male or a white male. Whomever is best qualified, period, deserves the job. It's equality for each person, not a group of one race and gender or simply race.

Now that you understand, it should be simple to understand why - despite what liberals are saying - conservatives are supporting #BoycottUnited. An individual was beaten. It does not matter what his race is. It does not matter if he is gay. What matters is that a man was beaten simply because he wanted to sit in the seat that he paid for, while United employees stood by and watched.